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Common questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whats in the box?

To get an idea of the types of items we ship out, check out our December Brooklyn box!

Can my city be next? I know some great food here!

We are always looking ahead for the next city. If you have some great food you think should be shared with the world, let us know at help@roaminglocal.co!

  1. $59 per box seems expensive!

OK, so thats not technically a question, but we will answer it anyway. We work hard to get great pricing from our suppliers. If you look at the Retail Price + Shipping + Tax together for each of the items you receive, you will notice you are actually getting more than what you paid! This is absolutely not the case for some other boxes in our price range.

You can also get the price down to $49 per box by prepaying for 6 boxes!